Whale Sightings | Great Ocean Road

Whales are being spotted almost everyday along the Great Ocean Road at the moment.
Just today three whales were spotted heading east about 1km offshore from the Cape Otway Lighthouse and another two whales were spotted playing in Apollo Bay harbour.

This is a great time of year to see the Souther Right Whales along the Great Ocean Road due to migration and as mother whales begin to give birth to calves.

There is a Whale Watch blog that records verified whale sightings in the region with date, time and location.
Check it out here: http://www.visitgreatoceanroad.org.au/whale-sightings/subscribe/

Whales are cool…that is all.

Southern Right Whale

Great new wine, great local beer

There’s heaps of new arrivals lately adorning the racks and the chalkboard. One in particular that has captivated my interest is the lovely 2012 Grenache/Syrah blend from the Adelaide Hills – ‘The Green Room’ by Ochota (oh-koh-tah) Barrels.

“Situated in the cool hills of Lenswood, Taras and Amber Ochota utilise old vineyards dotted around South Australia to create wines that fly in the face
of convention. These are wines of intuition, gut feel, not wines made because
the numbers stack up. These are wines heavily influenced by a heap of travel, music, food, booze, surf and ‘grape growing and winemaking lunatics”

The palate entry is full, rich and round yet laden with long textural whole bunch components resembling cherry skin and the wild berries found deep in Nordic forests. These mouth-watering arrangements contribute entirely to the drinkability of this wine.



Something else of interest for lovers of craft beer is the addition of Southern Bay Brewing Company’s great brews to the list. Located in Geelong, it is great to have some great local beers with some real character and flavour. Try out a ‘Hop Bazooka’ – a juggernaught of an IPA or the complex Saison stylings of ‘Le Petit Tronc’, both in sizeable 500ml formats – joy!


(Keep an eye out for Requiem Pilsner, soon to go on tap!) BL


Forraging for Mushrooms

With it becoming colder and wetter, we are starting to see the emergence of mushrooms. Just down the end of my road, up in the hills between Deans Marsh and Lorne, there is a pine plantation where we have been sneaking into on a morning mushroom forrage.

We are by no means experts, and realising the dangers involved of ingesting the wrong kinds of mushrooms, these a purely investigative forrages, with no ‘shrooms being prepared for new dishes in the restaurant (yet!)

We are hunting down some materials on local mushroom foraging..perhaps someone has or knows where to get hold of a good text or guide to Australian fungi? If you do, drop us a line! BL