Cartel Roasters | Training Session

Location: Cartel Coffee Roasters | Geelong, Victoria

Enter: Nathan Johnston | Caffeine Dealer, Master Roaster, all round good guy.
Enter: Maple Tree crew.

Phase 1: Back to basics.

The bean, it’s orgins, the family tree, the flavour compounds, so much to learn.

Setting the grind, too coarse, too fine, just right, beacause getting it right is key to a great coffee.

The milk, a little bit of air but not too much, damn, too much. Start again.
The heart, get the heart right, then we go on.

Big thanks to Nathan, you’re inspiring, really looking forward to getting in the good stuff.

green-beans nathan-next-to-raster lucas crew-at-cartel-2 crew-at-cartel cartel


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